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Baseball Buddies are middle school and high school kids who help their challenged partners by enabling them to play baseball.  This might include acting as guides for blind children, pushing wheelchair-bound children around the bases, or helping the Challengers bat or field the ball.

If you are interested in becoming a buddy, please fill out the buddy form on this site.  If you are a new buddy, you MUST attend one of the four bleacher trainings which will take place at 1:15 at the first four games.

All Buddies will be asked to participate in at least three games within the season. This commitment is critical to the success of Challenger Baseball. The 2016 games will be held on the following dates: March 26, April 2, April 9, April 23, April 30, and May 7. Buddies will receive Challenger Buddy T-shirts at the first game they attend.

A Buddy's job is simply to be a friend, engage the child in conversation, if possible; help him/her hit, throw, catch the ball if needed, keep the child's attention on the game, and make sure that the players are safe and that no one gets hit with a ball or bat. Being a Buddy is a rewarding experience and provides service hours to those seeking them. The Baseball Buddies program allows the players' parents to receive a much deserved break and cheer the players from the stands. We ask that Baseball Buddies arrive 30 minutes before the games, which are expected to last approximately 1 hour. All games are played at 2pm on Sunday afternoons. New buddies are expected to attend a training which begins at 1:15 in the bleachers PRIOR to their first game.

We look forward to your participation as a Challenger Buddy.


Who can be a buddy? 

  • Buddies are kids in the 6-12th grade.  

  • We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for the program but we do not make exceptions on age.

When do we play?

  • 2:00 pm on the WULL fields on the following Sundays:  March 26, April 2, April 9, 23 and 30 and May7

  • trained buddies arrive 30 minutes before the games (1:30)

  • games last approximately 1 hour

  • Buddies are asked to commit to at least 3 games. We do not need to know which games ahead of time.  

How do I register?

When do returning buddies pick up t-shirts?
Returning buddies will get their new shirt AT the first game they attend

Still have questions? Email Kristen Leach.

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